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Anger Management Classes With Qudsia Zia Anger instructor Specialist in Ontario

Qudsia Zia is a top-rated anger management classes instructor expert and virtual anger course specialist in Ontario, Canada . She is an approved anger management course instructor from Ontario criminal courts. Qudsia Zia’s primary qualifications include MSc, MPhil, LL.B & LL.M. In addition, She is a member of the Canadian psychological association, member of NAMA, and member of Law Society Ontario. Qudsia Zia is an expert in anger management specialist in Ontario with successful experiences.

Anger Court is one of the best Training platforms for Anger Management Online Classes in Ontario, Canada. Anger Management is necessary to make your mental health stable and let you enjoy the perks of life.
The Anger Management Program is based on different modules covering basic ways to deal with anger, anger awareness, calming techniques, destructive thinking, assertive communication, stress and anxiety management and more. Anger Management Program identifies the main cause of anger and plan practices accordingly.

Anger Management Classes develops various practices through anger management training classes programs to overcome the anger and avoid consequences. Ontario Anger Management Class each section consists of 60 mins. The Course is planned by Anger Management Specialists Qudsia Zia. She is the best instructor for Anger Management Course in Ontario Canada.

What is anger Management?

Anger Management is a way to control the outburst of emotion. It is a psychological therapy to control the rising Anger caused for several reasons. Anger Management is based on various therapies and exercises to overcome the flow of Anger. It helps you to shrink emotional rage and psychological inflammation. Anger Management analyzes anger issues and suggests the proper practice to cope with Anger. A few leading causes of Anger are stress, Discrimination, Trauma, Loss, Financial challenges, Environmental abuse or violence. While few main types of Anger are the following;

1. Passive Anger– sarcastic response, aggression
2. Volatile Anger– explosive acts, unpredictable speeches
3. Frustration-based Anger–disappointments, comparison
4. Physiological Anger–Hormones, hunger, illness
5. Overwhelmed Anger– vulnerability, stress, tiredness

Why is an anger management Classes important?

The explosion or outburst of Anger is harmful. It affects everyone’s mental health, including you. Controlling Anger is not easy as it comes with causes or reasons. However, it is essential to learn to maintain Anger to enjoy happiness in life. The cycle of Anger has five phases: trigger, escalation, crisis, recovery, and depression. The Anger Management course helps you find your Anger’s root cause and directs you towards correct practices. This course makes you focus on yourself for the betterment of your mental health. The sessions in this course teach you to control the blast of Anger calmly.

Looking for an Anger Management Online Class in Ontario, Canada

Anger class online is a modern yet popular way to deal with anger management courses online. It is usually referred to as the gold standard for online anger management class education. The class is taken with a specifically designed program to avoid interruptions. The classroom format is super friendly and understandable. Clients can take classes easily anytime as all classes are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Course Outline

  • Anger Management Specialist – QUDSIA ZIA
  • What is anger management – Causes and Types
  • Importance of anger management – Strategic handling 
  • Anger Management sessions – modules and practices
  • Anger Management Course Details – sessions and plan
  • Anger Management online class – friendly classroom and virtual meetings.
  • Budgeting and payment Policies – Money back and discount plans
  • Contact and location – residency

Anger management course with certificate

Anger Court  offers a complete anger management course that is nationally recognized. Its certification is widely accepted by criminal courts in Ontario and across canada. It is evolved to meet the conditions of legal representatives, courts and probation officers.

Anger Management Course plan under your budget

Anger Court offers a  Anger free zone Complete anger management course under your budget as courses start from $50.00, along with this standard course cost of 4 sessions starting from $230, whereas additional cost will be charged in case of extra hours. The subject anger management course is based on four main sessions. Each session time limit takes up to 60 minutes. Its duration is four days with a one-on-one counseling methodology. The Ontario court system legally approves the course, and it is conducted through different online modes of communication like Zoom meetings, facetime, Telepathically and Whatsapp.

Budgeting And Payment Policies 

Anger Court is a  reputable and recommended institute that treats clients fairly. They have a guaranteed money-back policy. In case of non-stratification or non-acceptance of certification, 100% money will be refunded. It has a friendly environment and full-time availability with budget-friendly policies. They offer The lowest price guaranteed without any hidden cost, and their courses start from $50.00 only. Furthermore, all courses are budget-friendly; You can join anytime without worrying.

Contact and Location

The Anger Court is located in Toronto, Ontario. Its address is 251 Jarvis Street Unit 2105, Toronto ON M5B 0C3. You can now call these numbers +(647) 708-0045 & +1 (416) 846-3949 to book your appointment without any hurdles of visiting the institute and start taking classes digitally.

Anger Court is the right choice to deal with your anger issue. It offers anger management courses online to cope with anger-controlling difficulty without wasting time in in-person communication. Our specialist Qudsia Zia is the best anger management instructor, and the course is budget friendly with digital choices. It’s best to contact now and learn to resolve your Anger and live peacefully. 

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